Clan Relationships

Ki Sensu (yellow):  Alliance
Aka Ryu (red): Peace
Midori Ken (green): Peace

Bishamon (Blood Lotus) (Purple): Peace
Murakami Sohei (orange): Defensive Pact
Hōnoshihai (silver): Frozen conflict
Kin Tomoe (yellow): Peace
Koizumi (dark grey): Peace
Churitsu (white): Peace
Shi no Sasori: (black): Peace
Uroburos (red): Peace
The Reapers (olive): Peace

Login to Camp

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The following actions will always help Aoi Hoiru:

To join the Squad

  • Read that page
  • Contact AK90, Goldfangdraco or Colonel in game
  • Fight for the Glory of Aoi Hoiru

Clan status

  • This is the official command center of Aoi Hoiru clan in Straw Hat Samurai: Duels Game
  • The leader is AK90, Second in Command is GoldFangDraco
  • The clan is now in peace