1. War Room: Basic Tutorial.

Welcome, Private! For this tutorial, I will explain to you how to fight in the War Room, and how to use to the betterment of you and your clan.

The War Room is the arena in which clans fight for the territories of Japan. As you can see, Japan in-game is made up of tiles, which serve as provinces. And within most provinces is a capital (e.g. village, town, city, or castle town). The more tiles Aoi has, the more powerful we are and the cheaper travels are for any member of Aoi and for sure, making moves in War Room means receiving clan gear.

A clan’s power depends on the morale of its commanding officers and clan members. Yes, even the newcomers as well, such as you, Private. So everyone should follow tactics the Commanding officers gives to make war room actions interesting for every player, and show our enemies the unbeatable power of the Azure Storm of Aoi.

If you already know how it all works, go to the ORDERS, OR HOW TO USE YOUR MOVES WISELY  section and read it carefully.

To enter War Room, press the War Room button (the hexagon with the clan insignia, see image below)


2. How It Works

Every hour you get a certain number of moves depending on your Clan Rank. Your rank is determined by the total number of moves you've made.


You will see the map of Japan. Blue flags are battles where our clan is either attacking or defending. From here, you can click anywhere to zoom in for a more detailed view.

During peace time, we "attack" our locations to give each other the possibility of farming moves to achieve higher ranks. Double click on lands that require entry. From there, you would be able to see the battlefield on that territory.

Each territory has its unique coordinates which are used by commanders to give orders and explain the location of the territory. It can be seen in the top of the screen when you select the territory.

Once you double click on selected lands you will enter it and would be able to see the battlefield on that territory.

Each battlefield has an unique landscape, but will always consist of 36 squares. Each square is a coordinate. Coordinate system is the same for any of them. The coordinates of inner battlefield square can be seen. If you are near it, click to select that coordinate.
Each sector has its own balance of friendly and enemy troops. To capture a sector we need to have more friendly troops than enemy troops. The clan who has more troops wins that sector. The amount of enemy troops on the enemy and neutral sectors are hidden, but may be revealed using scouting. The result of a fight is calculated once per day. The timer till the calculating may be found on the top right corner of the sector.

3. Actions Made During a Turn

ATTACK - This action puts you in the battlefield and you are to kill as many enemies as you can before you die (maximum of 340 troops+10 samurai). The troops rise in strength as you kill each wave. Enemy samurai from the opposing clan can appear as either AI or PvP. An AI samurai can be distinguished from a PvP samurai or vice versa by looking at their names. When an opponent's name highlighted in WHITE means its an AI. But beware if your opponent's name is highlighted in RED. It means that you're in a PvP situation and they're playing live. Defeating an enemy samurai's AI while attacking will remove them from the battlefield after your turn is finished. Beware enemy samurais who are significantly stronger than yourself. Do not waste your moves by throwing yourself against a stronger player.


When facing a live player, it is recommended that you switch to heavy stance before going to war room and turn off the auto-slash option and switch to attacking manually (using your mouse and skill sets) based on the experience of long-time players. It is also recommended that whenever you think that the opponent is stronger than you are, do not hesitate to use buffs or potatoes such as dogs and bears potatoes


DEPLOY - This will place a certain amount of troops into the specified sector depending on buildings and terrain. Default of 100, bonuses for deploying 'down' terrain and reductions for deploying 'up'.

  • If you are standing on a field and deploy into a field it will be 100 troops.
  • Field to Mountain or Field to barricade is 60 troops.
  • Field to Forest is 75 troops.


You cannot deploy or attack when your sector and the sector you are targeting is separated by a "wall" (a black line) UNLESS you are standing on a tunnel. Usually firing arrows is a waste, and your war room commander will have an alternate suggestion posted on the message board.


If you know or you are pretty sure a sector does not have high ranked enemy players, it is a good idea to “attack” it. Most people can kill more than 100 of the enemy, which means you will do more good than if you deployed 100 troops.


If there IS an enemy player there who could kill you, it is better to “Deploy Troops” to that sector.There is no difference between troops from a level 10 player and troops from a level 80 player. Troops will help slow down the enemy and force them to defend the sector. Call out locations of high level enemies you can't kill.

SCOUT - This gives you a count of the enemy troops in a sector. Always post friendly and enemy troop #'s to the local message board. This is usually not needed when others have already scouted. Pay attention to the message board and other player's messages. Scouting will not tell you what enemy players are within that sector. Watch for the fights on the message board, and the warning of your clan brothers and sisters.

MOVE - typically your first move will be onto the HQ/Town/Castle:

From there, you can move into any adjacent blue sector. Look for Forward Bases that will let you move directly to them. Look for yellow borders that will likely indicate places to make a move.

When a territory is a “dead-end” and it’s neighboring territories are in the possessions of opposing clans, thus resulting in its entries / exits being inaccessible for building HQ’s, a territory’s capital will serve as a makeshift HQ.

Take note that you can only move on a capital when it is a town, city, or a castle town, but never as a village.

DEFEND - This is the same game play style as “attack” (you are sent to annihilate waves of enemies) removing them from blue sectors. Enemy samurai AI cannot drop-in during a "defend" action, but Players can enter and kill you, so be careful.

BUILD - Helps to construct the building you are on top of, maximum of donating 500 coins, no more, no less. The important thing is that you can identify the structures:

Headquarters (HQ) - The primary initial jumping off point for all players. Killing your opponents HQ limits their ability to bring enemy players into the battle.

Forward Base - This is a location you can jump to from anywhere. Rather than spending many turns to move to this location, with a forward base you can skip over sectors.

Barricade - This structure grants a defensive bonus to the sector. You use this when you are trying to hold a sector and prevent the enemy from having it.

However, each structures' building progress are different. Donating 500 coins to a tunnel adds up 10% until its completion, and donating 500 coins to either barricade or forward base adds up 5% until its completion.

4.Orders, or how to use your moves wisely

The War Room leaders will be giving orders. Follow it to reduce wasting your moves on wrong targets and possible defeats.

  1. Use your moves every hour. Even if you can’t play now, but in front of computer – login to game and deploy or scout the sector, it won’t take much time but will help to increase your rank and help your clan.
  2. Current orders are posted on clan website www.aoihoi.ru. Don’t forget to visit it

  3. Look up in clan chat for any urgent messages from people who deliver urgent messages. They are called SHOUTERS, so it is important that you keep an eye out for them. The shouter list may be found Here.
  4. Click The War Room Icon.
  5. Click the “Show Clan MSG” button to see if any of the war room leaders have recent orders.
  6. Pick a battle field by selecting a blue flag from the map (or click your character if you are in the correct place).
  7. Click the blue flag in the territory you are interested in.
  8. Look at the Message board for 2 things:
      8A. Look at the players who are defeating other players and what sectors they are in.

8B. Look for any recent orders from the war room leader running the battle in that sector

  1. Follow the directions of the war room leader or commander.

Typical orders might be:

“War room 34,39, Attack/Deploy (2,2)” : move your character into sector 34,39 in the war room, then inside the sector to a position next to (2,2) and attack/deploy it.

“Attack (2,2), stay at (1,2)” : move your character onto (1,2) and attack (2,2)

“Defend (3,3)” : if you are a high level move into (3,3). Lower levels stay back and defend/deploy from a safe location.

Other Ways To Help

Build - If you stand on a sector with a construction symbol, you are given the option to 'build'. Building costs 500 coins and a turn and will help the structure to be completed sooner. (once the cost is met).

Farm - Headquarters require 200 crops to build. The clan maintains a surplus of crops used for the war efforts. Farm crops and get them to the clan! You will often find people on the clan chat who are willing to send your crops to the market to save you the trip. BEWARE: maximum storage for clan crops is 1000, so do not sell crops if storage is full.


Iostiogic - Former leader of Aka Ryu, author of most part of this text: http://akaryu.jimdo.com/clan-wars/
Thylakaleo - Former leader of Aka Ryu, who gave permission to use Aka Ryu's War Room tutorial.
Aloshka - Former leader of Aoi Hoiru, author of screens, pictures, he matched Aka's tutorial to Aoi.


Moves per hour Moves to
Next Rank
Clan Item
Abilities Unlocked
Recruit 3 0   Move, attack, defend, and deploy troops
Private 4 36 Cloth Armor  
Corporal 4 84 Light Armor  
Sergeant 4 180 Medium Armor  
Sergeant Major 4 324 Hat  
Lieutenant 5 516 Heavy Gloves  
Captain 5 816 Heavy Armor
Build forward bases and tunnels.
Major 5 1176 Heavy Armor Pants  
Colonel 5 1596 Helmet  
General 5 2076 Mask Build HQ.
War Hero 6 5000 War Hero Ring Create new their own clan

Login to Camp

Name and Password, Soldier

Don't forget

The following actions will always help Aoi Hoiru:

To join the Squad

  • Read that page
  • Contact AK90, Goldfangdraco or Colonel in game
  • Fight for the Glory of Aoi Hoiru

Clan status

  • This is the official command center of Aoi Hoiru clan in Straw Hat Samurai: Duels Game
  • The leader is AK90, Second in Command is GoldFangDraco
  • The clan is now in peace